About Us

What Do Our Physiotherapists and Assistants have to Offer?

  • assessment and treatment expertise gained from continuous education and specialization
  • a thorough understanding of normal and abnormal body function
  • a focus on hands on treatment (manual therapy)
  • a selection of pain relieving modalities (shochwave, ultrasound, laser, interferential current, muscle stimulation, and paraffin wax)
  • specialized skills in acupuncture, myofascial release and movement analysis
  • K-taping
  • ongoing comunication and reports with other medical professionals and insurance companies assisting in your care
  • knowledgeable and friendly support staff to assist in your care
  • skills in athletic and joint taping to avoid unwanted movements and injuries
  • access to high quality bracing, orthotic and rehabilitation products
  • thorough exercise programs to assist with stretching, strengthening and conditioning people at all fitness levels and stages of recovery

Registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and

Registered with the Canadian Acupuncture Foundation (AFCI)

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