Massage therapy available with Denise Kuelling RMT from 12 to 7 pm onTuesdays and Wednesdays.


We will be offering some yoga therapy information sessions.  Please inquire if you are interested.

Private Yoga Therapy 


If you are looking for a yoga practice designed specifically for you and adapted to your needs, set up a Private Yoga Therapy Session today.

Your Yoga Therapy session includes:

  • A complete health and lifestyle assessment
  • A fully customized yoga practice to meet your current health and lifestyle needs
  • A diagram of your personal practice to be done at home
  • Ability to check in with your Yoga Therapist anytime with questions, concerns or personal feedback. Depending on your needs, follow-up sessions can be booked

Yoga therapy sessions are tailored to meet your specific, individual needs. You will learn movement, modified postures, breathing and mindfulness techniques to help you meet your goals and be given a home practice tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Register for a session today with the confidence that you will learn yoga in a safe and supportive environment, favourable for those of you experiencing pain, limited range of motion in joints, chronic conditions or simply need the individual attention. Learn to cultivate a meaningful personal practice that supports your daily life.



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